The benefits of Counselling

The Benefits Of Counselling

Regardless of your gender or professional status you are a human being who may from time to time experience difficulties and challenges in life. At these moments in time you are likely to seek support from friends, family or colleagues.

Significant others have an emotional attachment to you and all too often they have a tendency to tell you to do what they think you should do.

Julie will not tell you what to do; and believes you know yourself better than anyone else and recognise your capability to work through situations.

Working with Julie will support you to:

  • Identify and use your inner resources;
  • Recall coping strategies that have worked for you in the past;
  • Identify and change unhelpful patterns of behaviour;
  • Effectively manage your reaction to your behaviour in relation to others;
  • Identify unhelpful patterns of communication;
  • Communicate more effectively with others;
  • Set realistic achievable goals.

During sessions, Julie will listen to you and will actually hear what you are saying.

Julie’s skills enable her to understand your issue from your perspective and how it is affecting you in the here and now, it is as if she were walking in your shoes and seeing your world through your eyes.

Julie will support you whilst you work through your issues, helping you either resolve or manage your situation more effectively.

When Julie says “It’s all about you” that is exactly what she means, she will work with whatever you bring to the session and work at your pace.

Are you ready to take the first step toward positive change?

If so, get in touch and let’s talk about you.