Julie’s Philosophy

Julie’s Philosophy

Julie Twist

Life has a tendency to throw things at us from time to time. If we ruminate on life experiences there is a good chance they will hold us back.

The past cannot be changed however; we can choose to accept what has happened, learn from each situation and move on.

I believe in life we travel along a road which is sometimes even, sometimes bumpy and every so often we come to a junction where we can choose which way to turn.

It may not always be the right choice, but sooner or later we will arrive at another junction and again have a choice which way to turn.

My life experiences have provided time to reflect, re-evaluate and the opportunity to choose new directions.

About You 

If you are currently experiencing life’s bumpy road, I can support you whilst you explore and work through your personal experience, helping increase your self awareness and facilitate the choices and new directions you wish to take.

Are you ready to take the first step toward positive change?

If so, get in touch with me and let’s talk about you!