Festive Celebrations or Bah Humbug?

Looking from the outside in, all is not always as it appears to be.

Everyone’s experience is unique to them, so rather than judge,

endeavour to keep an open mind.

Julie Twist

As the festive season approaches many of you will be looking forward to the cheer and wonder of Christmas.

Leading up to Christmas you delight in the planning and preparation; putting up the decorations, buying food and choosing gifts for family and friends.  At times you may feel a little anxious and a little stressed but overall there is an air of excitement.

You are looking forward to engaging in family traditions passed down from generation to generation, spending time with loved ones and celebrating the festive season together.

However, there are also many of you who do not share a love or enthusiasm for Christmas.

Some of you may have no choice but to spend Christmas apart from family and friends who either work or live in different parts of the country or overseas.

For some it is as a result of separation or divorce and you will possibly be facing the prospect of either limited or no face to face contact with your children.

If you have lost a loved one due to bereavement you may be spending Christmas alone or you may be with friends and family either way, your loved one will not be with you.

For those of you who are in an abusive relationship, you will know domestic abuse escalates during the festive season and the anxiety and fear will steadily increase as Christmas approaches.

There are of course reasons other than the ones mentioned above why some of you do not want to celebrate Christmas and it is highly likely you will not be the only one wishing it over before it has began.

For those of you who do celebrate the festive season and happen to notice any of your friends, colleagues or employees who do not share your enthusiasm and cheer, consider the fact they are being bah humbug for a reason – a one which they may never share with you.

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© Julie Twist 2014