5 Motivational Tips

Has your ‘get up and go’ got up and gone?

Try these 5 motivational tips to help you re-evaluate, make changes and set new goals.

Family, friends and colleagues

Try to spend more time with the people, who motivate and inspire you, this will have a positive impact and enhance your energy levels.

Make small changes

Look at the main areas in your life such as health, relationships, work and how you spend your spare time.

On a scale of 0 to 10 (0 = unsatisfactory – 10 = satisfactory); score each main area and identify which one you feel would most benefit from change and start there.

Set goals

Consider whether or not you want your goal to be realistic and achievable or if you would prefer to set a more challenging goal. Try to link your goal with positive emotions.  The more desirable your goal the more attainable it will be.

Believe in yourself

If you think that you cannot do something, the chances are you won’t.  If you think you can do something you are more likely to succeed.

Staying motivated

Try to enjoy the process and reward yourself each time you achieve your goal.

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